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American Ballroom Dance Center   

           Best Social & Ballroom Dance Instruction in Springfield,MA      

(413)  348-7035


              469 Sumner Avenue, Springfield, MA.   (413) 348-7035

Monica is a wonderful , patient, knowledgeable , 17 year experienced instructor at American Ballroom Dance Center. She is very admired by her students who enjoy her training and dance expertise. Natalie and I are very proud of her accomplishments both here at the studio as well as her recent accomplishment of passing the Connecticut Bar to become an Attorney. We wish her well for continued success.

Our Charming and Talented Teaching Staff:




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"The Art of the Body 

Language of Dance"

We speak & communicate with our bodies. With words,we learned the alphabet & eventually how words were formulated,then spoken, heard or written. The appearance of those formulations are what we have learned to understand in order to read a book. When someone speaks, hopefully someone is listening & understanding what the formulation of letters sounds like.

If both partners learn the "Alphabet of Dance", the man will indicate through his body or arms, what the letters of dance he is speaking represent. The lady in turn should be able to respond lightly, if in fact she knows the language of dance well enough to understand what the signals feel like. If she has not learned well, he may become physical or she may decide to lead. This is lethal !!! Proper floor craft on a crowded dance floor can only have one driver & one passenger. Usually the lady is going backwards.

( not good ).


when ladies do lead the man, it is because he has not learned properly. I guess the bottom line is: "if you both want to have Fun on any dance floor, feel confident & safe, have some style in your dancing & really experience the "True Joy of the Art of Dance" you need to learn it from well trained, very experienced educators, who can develop your dances correctly so you can use them anywhere, in any setting for the rest of your lives." "AMERICAN BALLROOM DANCE CENTER" provides all of this & more. Life is too short. Get educated about dance for a few months and enjoy it forever !!!

Have you learned to Dance yet?

Why wait 'till next year or the next Holiday Party, Event or Wedding. Be a doer not a watcher. Everyone else is having the FUN. Why not you? Give us a call.Take advantage of our "Special Offer above........


Our company

is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost imp0rtance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the very best service in the industry , to you. Our teaching skills have been developed and refined over 46 years. We teach with group Classes--Private Lessons--and Supervised Practice Sessions/Parties. The success of this teaching method has continued to be successful year after year. The Group Classes teach you steps...The Private Lessons teach you how to lead or follow and to add the Character or Style of each dance in order to truly enjoy the Real Fun and Individuality of each dance...The Supervised Practice Sessions/Parties adds the "Guided Practical Application" (muscle memory) of all of that knowledge,

helping you to overcome the normal self-conscious fear and apprehension of dancing around other people. i.e. Weddings, Holiday Parties, Clubs, and/or Private Parties. The repeat application at these sessions is the main way to help remember the steps, and particularly, how to use them socially. Muscle memory develops more quickly in a Supervised Practice Session/Party, with teachers helping you recall the steps you have been taught in other sessions. They now become yours "For Life". It works very successfully and we are still teaching after 46 years (36 years in this location) of "good, credible, honest teaching. Why not give it a try? "Your Feet are in Good Hands"!!!!

Welcome...........Dance Enthusiasts

The folks at American Ballroom Dance Center have taught at this location for 36 years under a franchise. We are now Independent. We teach Social, Ballroom and Competition dancing. Social dancing at wedding receptions, holiday parties and clubs has been our main focus since that is what most people really want.


Competition dancing is great at a competition but that is the only place you can use it. Learning Steps, Timing, Lead/Follow, Styling and Floor Craft in a crowd is first of all what dancing should be. This knowledge gives you the confidence on any dance floor , year-round for the rest of your lives , not to mention the Stress Relief and Health Benefits. Our years of teaching has very successfully been proven. Why not try our "Special". Give yourself the opportunity to experience being trained by Certified Professional Instructors. American Ballroom Dance Center provides it all and more........

Why is it so necessary to call the studio at this time?

(1) Everyone starts with different interests and abilities.

(2) You need to see and experience how 36 years of teaching in this location have given us the skills to make dance easy to learn and teach. However, remember it is up to you...

(3) All people feel music differently also.

(4) Everyone responds to learning steps differently.

(5) All of these factors make it necessary for you to experience our "Introductory Special" -learn some basics and give both you and I the opportunity to logically and more intelligently discuss what it takes to accomplish your particular goals based on what we both have experienced by the 4th lesson of the "Special".

(6) There is no obligation to continue, but we at least will not be guessing at what it takes to learn and teach your goals.

(7) This is what makes us the Professional we are and to succeed at what we do.